48°43'36.57"N 113°43'26.91"W

Informed by the visual lexicon of the ‘great American road trip’, this work ponders the mediated and often predetermined nature of our experience with our country’s landscape. Emphasis is placed on locations, views, and subjects repeated throughout our landscape’s photographic history.

Using a large format camera and Google street view, I have been capturing roadside vistas of iconic locations fitting for the canon of the great American road trip. Often times, the exact choice of subject, or best general view, is determined by the amount of photographs taken at a given location and posted to social media sites like Panoramio and Flickr.

36°02'52.39"N 112°05'39.00"W

37°43'14.00"N 119°38'54.50"W

39°35'15.76"N 105°38'32.16"W

36°38'22.55"N 108°49'32.72"W

37°42'54.66"N 119°40'35.49"W

36°59'06.47"N 110°10'50.90"W

44°32'05.97"N 110°48'06.53"W

37°42'14.00"N 119°40'54.50"W

37°44'23.23"N 119°34'15.80"W